US Democracy: Coming Soon to a Soverign Nation Near You

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In June 2011 US President Barack Obama announced that 10,000 US troops would leave Afghanistan by the end of the year, and an additional 23,000 would leave by 2012. Drawing straight from LBJ’s playbook, the Obama administration plans on keeping up to 30,000+ troops in Afghanistan until 2024 (or indefinitely) in what the White House assures will be an “advisory” and not “combatant” capacity.*

With 20th century American foreign policy increasingly evolving  into full-fledged genocidal wars of attrition waged to save the country from its people, we now more than ever subscribe to destroying the village in order to save the village.  Over half a century has passed since the “Zippo raids” of Vietnam, and yet, as a nation, we proudly rewrite the history books and blindly parrot the talking heads (otherwise known as professional revisionist armchair historians) while engaging in a patriotic orgy of flag-sucking and blind loyalty to administration after administration that most of whom have already been tried and convicted as war criminals in International Criminal Courts and tribunals.

*Earlier this year, the House agreed to General Allen’s request to maintain a “significant combat presence” in the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act and proceeded to ask that the President put off bringing home any further troops from Afghanistan until at best the end of 2014 “unless fewer forces can achieve United States objectives.” (Source:


~ by K. Danconia on 06.18.