Revisiting Doublethink: Destroying Our Liberties to Save Our Freedom


An Orwellian America

American civil liberties suffered a debilitating blow in the wake of a recent federal district court ruling that recognized the authority of the U.S. government to deny American citizens fundamental Constitutional rights, making civil liberties the most recent collateral damage in President Bush’s “war on terror.”

Presiding over the Jose Padilla case, Hon. Marcia Cooke ruled that the Sixth Amendment, which affords Americans the right to due process and habeas corpus, does not prevent the government from indefinitely incarcerating U.S. citizens without formally filing criminal charges. In an unprecedented case of civil liberties violations, the Pentagon declared Jose Padilla an “enemy combatant” in the “war on terror,” thereby exploiting legal loopholes that allow the U.S. government’s indefinite incarceration of both American citizens and foreigners alike.

This watershed case is an ominous harbinger of the nation’s grave Constitutional crisis: Hon. Cooke’s ruling bears a harsh reminder of the extent to which the foundations of American Constitutional rights have already decayed and will continue to decay unless America consciously decides to cease participating in its own destruction. (cont’d)


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